India Is 2011

Conceptualsing, executing and managing the India Is brand

Conceptualsing, executing and managing the India Is brand 
To highlight the growing ‘soft power’ of India, whilst breaking away from the stereotypical symbolization of the country through powerful visual communication. A key aspect of this was to achieve our results through the primary use of digital mediums.
Skarma conceptualised and executed a Photography and Video Global Challenge. The idea was to utilise User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of videos and photos to uniquely showcase the diversity in India through the eyes of Indians and foreigners alike. Through the first ever ‘India Is’ Global Photo and Video Challenges, we managed to map over 8,000 photographs taken by people from all over the world, representative of India and her diversity as well as showcased over 1,000 videos that capture the
essence of this one amazing nation.
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