Creating a series of films for the NGO

Creating a series of videos for the NGO to create awareness
SNEHA – Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action –is a voluntary, secular, non-profit organization that addresses the special needs of slum women and children in Mumbai by working to improve their living and health conditions. Their area of work is extremely sensitive, especially in India; with most people not comfortable talking about several issues related to domestic violence and health concerns. SNEHA wanted to help break this mould by increasing awareness about the issue not only in and around the areas that they work in, but all across India as well.

The premise was to create extremely realistic situations that have occurrednumerous times all over the world. Skarma created 4 short videos, which enacteddifferent aspects of Domestic Violence, and these videos are being used toraise awareness amongst the local community, the police and the general Indianpublic.
Issue : Domestic Violence
Issue : Financial and Emotional Violence
Issue : Marital Rape
Issue : Sexual Abuse in the Family
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