Viacom 18, Integrated Network Solutions

Integrated Network Solutions (INS)

Integrated Network Solutions (INS) - Viacom18’s new sub-branch, aims at creating unique brand experiences across multiple platforms within 3 verticals – Live (events), Be Viacom18 (integrated brand engagement) and Spotlight (digital celebrity management). 
As a start-up, the brand INS required forming an identity including a suitable name, a developed visual language, and unique identities for each of its sub-brands. In addition, INS also required detailed brand manuals for each extension of the visual language, and spatial designing for its office. This was followed by strategizing and executing a strong B2B campaign.
We had one brand identity which was taken from the parent company in the USA - BE VIACOM. We had to build the entire brand set to have a connect with the existing logo. We used the existing shape from the Be Viacom18 logo, circles, and explored this as the fundamental unifying factor across the brand family. The result was a professional, serious and yet trendy brand identity for the across the main brand (INS) and the sub-brands as well (LIVE and SPOTLIGHT). Each of the sub-brand logos had an aspect that either tied into their business vertical (SPOTLIGHT) or allowed flexibility to adapt to any event and design (LIVE).

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